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Our Mission

o The mission of the Sudbury Manitoulin Children's Foundation “Send-A-Kid-To-Camp” program is to provide quality summer camping experiences for disAdvantaged children regardless of race, religion or gender.

o The mission of the Sudbury Manitoulin Children's Foundation “Bursary Program” is to provide financial assistance to past or present wards of the crown who wish to pursue a post secondary education.

o Sudbury Manitoulin Children's Foundation letters patent mandates that we promote, devise, sponsor, establish, assist, develop and participate in measures and programs calculated to benefit children and families from the Sudbury-Manitoulin area.

o Our promise is that we will deliver high level programs of our own and actively look for gaps in services for youth in need within our community in order to address that need – either directly or through other organizations.


“Send-A-Kid-To-Camp” (SAKTC) program

Summer camp offers children a many opportunities and skills, and if nothing else, give them a break from stressful home situations. We use existing camps across ON. and encompass the whole camping experience by covering all camp fees, assisting with transportation necessities.

Bursary Program

Over the years, it has become clear that although child abuse prevention is an important component of assisting high risk children, education is the key to breaking the generational pattern of abuse, unemployment and welfare dependency that plaques these children. Have no families to rely upon, these young people must support themselves and pay for their education through part time work and student loans. Some of these youth find the financial burden of school too daunting and do not proceed with their dreams. Bursaries would help alleviate some of the financial burden and encourage them to continue their educational path was lack of education.

What People Are Saying

" Thank you!! Thank You!! For making my child smile, for allowing her to do new things and to see new things. I’m so so very grateful for having people like you guys give children like mine something that they couldn’t have. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you."

— Susan - parent of 2016 camper

"I loved getting to go out and meet new people because I am usually cooped up in the house without seeing friends. My least favourite part of camp was the fact that I only got to go for one week because it was awesome and I really miss it already. "

— Cameron - 2016 camper

"I started off scared but as time went on I had lots of fun. I learned many more things about animals. Everybody was very nice, especially the councillors. I made many new friends and they are very nice. I really like it here and would love to come back"

— Tiffany - 2016 camper

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