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Sum Theatre

Registered Name: Sum Theatre Corp.

Business No: 846991776RR0001

Sum Theatre


At Sum Theatre we use professional live theatre as a vehicle for building and engaging community. Everything we do and how we do it flows from our mission and our vision. Our mission is to build community through exciting live theatre experiences. Our vision is we are all creative and valued people participating in art to build more inclusive community. We talk together. We listen together. We create change together. We have eight core values. These values inspire and motivate us to do our best work. They are: excellence, community, sharing, citizenship, accessibility, innovation, inclusion and fun.

We are an artist-driven organization with a range of diverse activities: Theatre in the Park is a month-long, large-scale production staged every summer; Last Sunday is theatre of the now, a monthly artistic response to current events performed across a variety of media; Youth on the Rise is a weekly theatre program for at-risk youth; and every second year we produce and tour a new Canadian play. All of these programs are offered for free.


200 - 123 2ND AVE S


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