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About This Charity

Our Mission

The SummerWorks Performance Festival is committed to the following:

* To ensure a high standard of quality productions in a Festival that has elements which intrigue, excite, attract and entertain an audience.

* To produce a curated Festival in which the participants feel supported by a strong technical, administrative and artistic team, and feel proud of the other high calibre work being produced alongside their own.

* To produce a Festival that provides an environment that cultivates and stimulates artistic growth, with the focus on artistic and professional development for both participants and our audience.

* To actively seek and support new and remounts of Canadian performance.

* To support the work and participation of the next generation of performance creators.

About Our Charity

SummerWorks Performance Festival is Canada’s largest curated performance festival. With a focus on

presenting new work in all stages of creative development by artists in all stages of their careers, our 11 day

festival has become a launching pad for Canadian theatre artists, with SummerWorks productions going on

to be featured on mainstages across the country and internationally.