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Support for Memory Loss Foundation

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Support for Memory Loss Foundation


Our Mission

Bettering the care for those under-privileged seniors who suffer from dementia

The Memory Loss Foundation is a Canadian based charity that has global reach in its innovative methods of better care for those seniors who suffer from Dementia.

The Montessori Methods for Dementia supports senior’s memory by encouraging seniors to do meaningful things which are based on the individual’s personal history, needs, interests, skills and abilities. Our objective is to give each senior a purpose and something meaningful to look forward to. These methods are inspired by the educational philosophies of the childhood educator Dr. Maria Montessori.

We realize there are numerous charities related to dementia. Most of them do wonderful work in research and medicine. Our charity is to provide better care to those seniors who already have both early and late stage dementia. Our methods are proven and have clinical studies behind them.


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