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IMAGINE Campaign 2023-2024

Registered Name: Surrey Christian School Society

Business No: 854921715RR0001

IMAGINE Campaign 2023-2024

With your gracious support over the years, we have “imagined” great things for our school.  Our Surrey Christian School students are now enjoying a state-of-the-art foods lab, a new paved parking lot, a beautiful new structure connecting our primary and intermediate buildings together, new equipment and furniture plus so much more. 

Surrey Christian School is excited to IMAGINE our vision for the future of our students and community and we prayerfully invite you to be part of it.

In today’s high-tech, social media age, our learners are spending more time indoors, glued to screens. Surrey Christian School is always looking for ways to enrich our students’ learning and promote a deeper connection to God’s creation.

We are excited to IMAGINE an outdoor learning spaces for both elementary and secondary campuses that will foster creativity, spark curiosity, and encourage our students to learn, explore and grow. Outdoor classrooms and learning spaces will offer a wide range of benefits to our learners, transform their educational experiences, foster a stronger community, and promote physical and mental well-being. 

We prayerfully invite you to be part of our vision for students and future generations to become fully alive in God’s story by partnering with us and continuing to support our IMAGINE campaigns with your donations.