Sustainable Food Edmonton

Registered Name: Sustainable Food Edmonton

Business Number: 129779583RR0001

About Us

In 1985 it became apparent to our founders that we were becoming disconnected from our food. Farms were moving further away from urban areas as city's sprawled out in every direction- making it difficult to travel to for our produce, fast food joints were popping up everywhere offering cheap and easy alternatives to making dinner, pre-packaged foods were being offered in grocery stores as a healthy alternative to fast foods and our populations were losing touch with growing and eating our own produce. 

Our mission is to enhance participation in food sustainability. To us this means that we connect and empower communities through local sustainable food.

We do this through 3 programs:

Little Green Thumbs: an indoor gardening program at 56 elementary schools;

Community Gardens: a support, funding and resource program for our over 100 community gardens;

Urban Ag High: An educator-centric program aimed at providing resources and support to teachers looking to add agriculture programs to their schools.

We are grateful to all of our donors who are able to support us and our programs to ensure that they can not only continue, but grow and expand to meet the needs of our region.

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