Park Sutton

Registered Name: Parc d'environnement naturel de Sutton inc.

Business Number: 893025767RR0001

Celebrating 40 years!

In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we invite you to support the development of our youth programs by participating in our BIG RandoDon (hike-a-thon) on September 7, and/or fundraise for our Youth-Nature Campaign either as a team or individual.

The Park

The Parc d'environnement naturel de Sutton (also known as PENS or Park Sutton) is a non-profit organisation operating in the southern Québec portion of the Appalachian Mountains. Since our inception in 1979, the protection and responsible enjoyment of Sutton's natural areas have been at the heart of our mission. We uphold this mission by ensuring well-monitored public access and promoting environmental appreciation and awareness through our growing nature education program for youth.

The park hosts a network of roughly 52 km of hiking trails interwoven in an enchanting mountain setting. Each year, more than 40 000 hikers visit our trails to drink in the breathtaking views at each summit or to sit in quiet contemplation at a lake or pond.

Starting with the Basics: Fostering the Youth-Nature Connection

We believe nature should be accessible, especially to young people…

In hopes of inspiring the next generation of nature lovers and conservationists, we offer the Youth-Nature Program (a bilingual nature education program) free of charge to hundreds of students from the region. This program, now in its fourth year, aims to stimulate the youth-nature connection and cultivate in each child an appreciation for her or his natural heritage while spending time outside moving!

We also run the 4 Summits Day Camp throughout the summer months, a recreational camp centered on nature, play, and physical activity.

A Collective Effort

The maintenance and improvement of our trails and programs are made possible by a small team of passionate personnel and, of course, the invaluable support from partners, collaborators and a vast network of dedicated volunteers and members.

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