Symphony Nova Scotia


Business Number: 119207900RR0001

Our Mission

Enriching the lives of Nova Scotians through creative, professional performance of a broad spectrum of orchestral music.”

About Symphony Nova Scotia

Symphony Nova Scotia is truly Nova Scotia’s orchestra. It is a cohesive team of highly skilled artists and community members, all integral contributors to Nova Scotia’s cultural life. It’s a driving force for music education in our province, reaching thousands of young audience members each year. It’s a launching pad for the careers of local musicians on both a national and an international scale. It’s a selling point for our province, attracting top professionals to live and work here. It’s a showcase for our music, from the greatest works ever written to the freshest new sounds and ideas

The Symphony offers so much for all Nova Scotians to take pride in. Widely regarded as one of the finest orchestras in Canada, Symphony Nova Scotia enriches the lives of more than 60,000 people each year. It is a an award-winning contributor to Nova Scotia’s music scene, offering performances ranging from classical and baroque to pop, folk, big band, Celtic, and hip hop. With deep roots in Halifax, it continues to rise to the challenge of ensuring that world-class orchestral music reaches diverse audiences right across the province. Hands-on workshops, innovative outreach programs and collaborative concerts are continually breaking down age and income barriers and making Symphony Nova Scotia accessible, meaningful, and exciting to listeners of all ages.

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