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Anglicans are members of a worldwide family of churches. We trace our descent from the Church of England. From it we inherited our prayer book, our customs and traditions, and a characteristic way of doing theology. Many who have come into the Anglican Church have been drawn into this community through the beauty and richness of the worship of the church.

With Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city, at its center, the Diocese of Edmonton comprises approximately 50 parishes, stretching west to Jasper, east to Edgerton, south to Ponoka and north to Cold Lake. The tenth bishop of the Diocese of Edmonton is the Right Reverend Dr. Jane Alexander. 

Following the success of the REACH campaign in the Diocese of Edmonton we have seen all kinds of ministry happening and been blessed with many new opportunities. Now that the REACH funding has come to an end we would like to be able to continue as much front line ministry as possible - particularly with those people who are the most vulnerable in our communities.

We have chaplains working with seniors, with At Risk Youth, with people in treatment facilities trying hard to get their lives back together, and with those in our hospitals many of whom are far from home and their families and usual spiritual supports. We have mentoring programs for new clergy. We have rural supported ministries particularly in economically fragile communities.

We have been able to give new shape to Indigenous ministry in our diocese as we work towards fuller reconciliation. For the first time in nearly 20 years we are able to offer ministry in Frog Lake. We have also had the opportunity to build new relationships with a new generation of both urban and rural people from First Nations communities.

We invite you to give so that we may SUSTAIN these ministries.

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