Talisman Theatre

Registered Name: Théâtre Talisman / Talisman Theatre

Business Number: 801959826RR0001

Our Mission

TALISMAN'S MISSION is to present English-language premières of contemporary Quebecois works to Montreal audiences. In this way we fill a void in Montreal's theatre community--bringing the visceral intensity of Quebecois culture to non-Francophones. We have two unique strengths that allow us to accomplish this: we retain the essence of traditional Quebecois theatrical practice as part of our hybrid development process, and we have a talented, bilingual team with a unique artistic approach.

TALISMAN'S ACHIEVEMENTS include winning two METAs in 2012--Best actress & Best New Transaltion--, being nominated for three MECCAs in 2010 --Best Production, Best Director, Best Lighting--. In 2009 we were selected by the Centaur Theatre for its Brave New Looks--a slot in the Centaur's programming reserved for the best of Montreal's up-and-coming theatre companies. Our 2008 production won the Prix de la critique by L'Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre (AQCT) for Best English language production: "...Talisman could well be an important contributor to the reunification of the 'two solitudes'". Our 2007 production was nominated for the Prix de la critique in 2007.

About Talisman Theatre

Help support: Vic and Flo saw a Bear(November 2017)

Written by Denis Côté

Translated by Micheal MacKenzie

Directed by Micheal MacKenzie

Our 2017-2018 Season’s production of "Vic and Flo saw a Bear" will be an English-language Canadian Premiere!

How often do you get a chance to see a genre and gender bending horror/love story about two queer women in a rocky romance?

Mackenzie says he was instantly drawn to Côté’s film for its dramatic complexity set against the stark reality of the characters. “The lack of stereotypical characterization means that you really have to look/listen to the actors—there are no short-cuts to understanding them. At the same time, Vic and Flo combines elements of a love story, with a backdrop of a domestic drama, the Noir genre and then into the horror genre with final twist of Quebecois magic realism.”

This play will be produced in Montreal at Centaur theatre in November 2017.

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