Talitha Koumi

Registered Name: Talitha Koumi

Business Number: 716745286RR0001

Aspiring to become a world leader in the protection of children, Talitha Koumi promotes photojournalism to fight the curse of sexual exploitation of minors, one of the most aggressive forms of slavery.

Even today, and unfortunately with a strong upward trend, millions of children are becoming a bargaining chip around the world but especially in Southeast Asia.

Breaking the chains of juvenile prostitution and promoting the recovery of young victims one by one is the mission that drives our hearts.

Not only do we believe that we should love one another, as mentioned in the Gospels, but we also believe that no child, regardless of religious background, language, or skin color, should be something other than a child, a beautiful creature who has the right to happiness, security and above all, to be loved.

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