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YOUR Creative Hub

If there is anything that we’re passionate about… it’s raising the standard of support for artists of all levels in our city.

What is a Creative Hub?

It is a place where the process is just as important as the result. Where creatives, makers and art lovers can come together and grow in our Studios and Classrooms. Where advocacy and community is as important as the artwork on our Gallery walls. Where the Theatre showcases local voices, stories, memories and growth. And, where artists feel supported enough to create for the sake of expression.

How are we Changing?

A little about our history. We’ve been part of our city’s Downtown Core since the late 1990’s and we have never stayed the same. The purpose of an organization like TAP is to evolve as needs change, as artists emerge and as this city grows. 

Our building has changed a lot throughout the years to make new opportunities available to the members of our community. We are continuing to add and reinvent spaces to make room for artists.

We are also reinvigorating our programming with an emphasis on more. MORE chances to learn through classes and artist development workshops --because practical skills like taxes are hard. MORE creation spaces and residencies --because artists need a space to be productive. MORE presentation -- because artwork of all types is made to be shared (unless it isn’t). And most importantly MORE stability, because we want to make these services accessible and alleviate artists from financial fear.

Like Numbers? Here are Some Stats for You!

2016 Canadian census data identified that: 

  • 1/116 workers is an artist 
  • Artists had a median income of $24,300 which is 44%< all workers 
  •  52% of all artists were self-employed versus 12% of all workers

43% of Canadian artists surveyed 9 months into the pandemic estimated incomes of under $20,000 as contracts, gigs, and venues disappeared with closures. Financial inequality and value of work is entrenched in the creative sector but this group is rarely identified as a community at risk and as such they fall through the gaps.

If you have happened upon this campaign while looking through our Charity Profile, consider this your call to action. Make a donation today that makes a lasting impact on the lives of artists and help make YOUR Creative Hub sustainable.