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Maternity and Néonatal Equipment and Furnishings

Registered Name: Tchad Health Foundation

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Maternity and Néonatal Equipment and Furnishings

Every day, especially in low-income countries, women and often their fetuses or newborns die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure and unsafe abortions account for nearly 95% of all maternal deaths.

In rural areas of the Republic of Chad, pregnancy and childbirth ranks among the most serious and frightening health risks for women who often feel vulnerable and marginalized. 

During my recent visits to rural Chad, I witnessed that hospitals and clinics often lack functional pregnancy, labour and delivery equipment and furnishings such as delivery beds and trays, maternal and infant blood pressure machines and stethoscopes, thermometers, baby weigh scales, emergency resuscitation and suctioning equipment, surgical equipment and supplies and much more.  

Adequate maternal and neonatal care equipment and furnishings are essential, enabling health professionals provide safe and compassionate care and manage complications. Receiving care in an appropriately equipped setting helps women feel secure and supported in an environment that promotes their dignity.  

Become a donor. Your contribution will help mothers and newborns receive safe, effective and compassionate care in appropriately equipped and furnished clinics and hospitals.

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