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Registered Name: Team Rubicon Canada

Business No: 755968096RR0001


Imagine being forced from your home as disaster swept through your community. Wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, snow.

What help would you need?

Eight years ago, the first group of Canadian Greyshirts put boots on the ground in Fort McMurray, Alberta to assist relief efforts following a catastrophic wildfire that destroyed more than 2,400 homes and displaced over 80,000 residents. This spring, Fort McMurray residents were evacuated again as wildfires blaze across Canada.

Many communities are already facing the first onslaught of what is expected to be an unprecedented disaster season. Many will ask for our help.

At Team Rubicon Canada, it’s our mission to make sure no one has to face a disaster or crisis alone. We want to say YES to those who call.

Help make our MISSION POSSIBLE. Donate now to our Mission Possible Campaign, step into the arena by joining the campaign and Fundraise now, or become a partner and help us raise $250,000, so when crises come, no community is left behind.

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