Team Unbreakable

Registered Name: Team Unbreakable

Business Number: 848587168RR0001

Our Mission


We improve the mental health of children and youth through practical and proven group running programs that empower the individual, provide coping mechanisms and help youth feel "unbreakable."

We're leading the push toward a society in which there is no stigma surrounding youth mental health and suicide. A society in which all youth can receive the help they need, in which youth with mental illness can move forward and lead meaningful and productive lives.

Running can help youth deal with anxiety because:

  • It improves resilience – controlling anxiety and providing positive coping techniques.
  • It teaches a different outcome – you learn a different response, helping prevent panic
  • It reroutes your neural circuitry
  • It provides positive focus 
  • It reduces muscle tension
  • It builds brain resources, BDNF, GABA, Serotonin and norepinephrine

About Team Unbreakable

With an overarching commitment to eradicate youth suicide and help at-risk youth, our school programs within schools are open to all youth to join and participate, while programs run at health facilities are typically for those with participants using it as part of their treatment.  

Our impact covers three broad areas:

1. The Team Unbreakable Youth Running Program which is based upon the science linking the benefits of exercise to mental health. It provides youth with a positive experience and tools to help address the issues they face.

2. Awareness and Advocacy: These programs help raise awareness, reduce stigma, provide useful information and encourage dialogue

3. Youth Outreach: Includes our high school speaking program which provides uplifting and encouraging messages, helping reduce the misconceptions and stigma.

For complete information on all of our programs contact us.

What People Are Saying

"Our family volunteers and participates in this program and we are extremely proud of them especially our grandkids who are going through stress, anxiety and depression in their everyday lives. We are very thankful that this program is available to help them through the rough times. "

— George and Donna D.

"I am passionate about mental health initiatives, running and working with children and youth. I could not think of a better organization!"

— Eugenie S.

"“My son seems more relaxed and very satisfied with what he’s accomplished.” “I found her confidence level increased”. “I think that it has made such a difference.” “She said that she could actually feel her spirits lift after each run.” "

— Parents

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