TEL-AIDE (Montreal)

Registered Name: TEL-AIDE

Business Number: 105164800RR0001

Our Mission

The mission of Tel-Aide is to provide a free, confidential, anonymous listening service in English and French, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to people in the Greater Montreal area who need to confide, talk about their concerns or who are experiencing suicidal feelings. Tel-Aide was founded in December 1970 and took its first calls on January 31, 1971.

The first listening centre in Quebec and the largest in the Greater Montreal area, Tel-Aide provides a valuable and necessary service which has received more than 2 million calls to this day.

About TEL-AIDE (Montreal)

Our role: to lend an understanding and welcoming ear.

Our present-day society creates numerous conditions for psychological suffering that can lead to mental health problems, violent behavior or suicide.

By providing respectful, empathetic and non-judgmental listening, Tel-Aide’s volunteer listeners allow all those who need to talk to express themselves in complete confidence and facilitate the callers’ process of finding personal solutions.

The gift of listening

At the heart of Tel-Aide’s mission is the generous commitment of its volunteers. Up to now, more than 4,000 trained volunteers have provided a caring ear to those who call our service.

Listening, not just hearing

Tel-Aide’s volunteers follow a thorough training program based on the principles of active listening, inspired by American psychotherapist Carl Rogers (1902-1987). Respect, empathy and authenticity are the three key concepts of active listening.

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