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Caring Champions - COVID 19

Campaign Ended June 26, 2020

Supporting students in crisis, within 24-48 hours, our Caring Fund is stepping up and assisting students as they learn at home! Our Caring Fund is able to support students at home, ensuring their basic needs are met. In recent weeks we have seen an increased number of requests for food support, as many families struggle while they wait for government funding or, in many cases, don't qualify for funding supports. With an increase in requests and fundraising events needing to be cancelled to protect our community, now is the time we ask you, if you can, to become a #CaringChampion! Join us and our community matching partners (a whopping $9,000 secured as of May 6th, including from local #CaringChampions Harrison Pensa). Follow along with our journey, through our Twitter page.

UPDATE 2 - How we reached $18,000 - MAY 21, 2020

In the last 24 hours, you've helped us to reach our goal of $9,000! THANK YOU! Add this to the matching $9,000 in funding from our partners and that equals over $18,000. The impact that these funds will have in the lives of our students is immeasurable, and we can’t thank you enough. 
This community is truly amazing. The support you have all created for this campaign and our students is inspiring. Your commitment to the values of care, compassion, and above all, the well-being of our students and their futures as members of this community leaves us in awe.
Though we have hit our goal, the need among our students continues to grow. Your personal donation can make a difference. Let’s keep this going! Help us, help them, and become a #CaringChampion! 

UPDATE 1- May 6, 2020

WOW! Our community BLEW the original $6,000 goal out of the water, and our campaign is only just beginning! We can't express our gratitude enough. This will go a long way, with the matching donations, to helping students across the TVDSB.  This week, we were approached by other groups in the community and we now have an additional $3,000 in matching fundsThat gives us a new goal of $9,000 that can be matched by another $9,000.  Can you help us reach a combined total of $18,000 to give to our students?

In case you were wondering - 100% of the funds donated goes right into our Caring Fund - every single cent. Let's help these students today, and tomorrow. We can't do this without you! You are all incredible #CaringChampions. Thank you.

The Beginning

Thanks to the wonderful support of Harrison Pensa and several other community members, we've been able to secure a total $6,000 in monies that will be used to match every donation that we receive, dollar for dollar! Now is your chance to have double the impact and help our students more than ever before. That's right, if you help us raise $6,000, our #CaringChampions will matching every dollar, to give us a whopping $12,000!

Help us help our students. Let's show them that, now more than ever, we support them and that together #WeCare. Donate, share, ask friends for donations. Together, we are all #CaringChampions! 

$13,230 raised out of $9,000 goal

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