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The Aninga Project

Registered Name: The Association for the Aninga Project

Business No: 830437265RR0001

We are a non-profit educational initiative working to educate and empower girls in Uganda.

The Aninga Project


Our Mission

The Aninga Project is a non-profit educational initiative providing funding to enable the education and empowerment of young women in Uganda. The objectives of the organization are:

1. To fund the education of girls in Africa by paying for school fees and other related expenses such as transportation, boarding fees, uniforms, books, water, maize and school supplies.

2. To contribute to the empowerment of African women by providing them with the means to acquire an education that would otherwise be out of reach.

About The Aninga Project

The Aninga Project is a person-to-person based educational initiative that is currently funding the education of 22 girls in Uganda - 18 in grade school and 4 in post-secondary programs.

Any money that you donate to our organization goes towards the education and related expenses of the girls who we support. This money covers everything from their school fees to pencils, books, maize and jerry cans.

The Aninga Project's funds are wire transferred directly from the project's bank account to our volunteers in Uganda who ensure that all of the girls' needs are taken care of.

It only costs $40/month to cover all expenses for a girl going to school in Uganda, so every donation goes a long way.



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