The Artists Mentoring Youth Project Inc. (The AMY Project)

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Help us in celebrating AMY's 15 years of existence by donating to our funding drive!

The Artists Mentoring Youth (AMY) Project is committed to transforming the arts landscape by providing accessible, affirming performing arts training & creation programs for women and non-binary youth from equity-seeking communities. With the mentorship of professional artists, AMY participants learn to tell their stories with honesty, integrity, and artistic rigour.

AMY understands that inequity in the performing arts industry is rooted in the inequitable systems that shape society: some young people have the privilege of private lessons, outings to the theatre, and regularly seeing people who look like them in starring roles on the screen and the stage; others do not. We aim to interrupt the inequities in performing arts industries by creating supportive, dynamic, anti-racist, trans-positive, queer-positive, artistically excellent communities with women and non-binary people of diverse experiences, from a young age. AMY’s programming is artistically and socially engaging for participants, lead artists, and audiences alike.

Your donation goes towards paying artists, program directors, and youth participants, in particular during these unprecedentedly challenging times a global pandemic has brought upon us. Donate now to help us reach out goal of $15k for 15 years of AMY!

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