The Arts & Cookery Bank...A Community Heritage Centre

Registered Name: The Arts & Cookery Bank...A Community Heritage Centre

Business Number: 823741814RR0001

Our Mission

The Arts & Cookery Bank honours the community’s past, celebrates the community’s present and envisions the community’s future legacy by expressing local heritage and culture through photographs and cuisine to promote, encourage and sustain a rural lifestyle. By advancing awareness through education, inspire visitors to expand their thinking and develop insights about the significance and impact that local heritage has on their day-to-day lives. And, expand the community’s access to photography and culinary arts through cultural, educational and recreational programming by establishing and operating a unique community heritage facility to be used for workshops, programs, events, seminars and recreation for the benefit of the general public.

About The Arts & Cookery Bank...A Community Heritage Centre

As a regional cultural destination, The Bank offers a snapshot of Dutton Dunwich, Newbury, Southwest Middlesex and West Elgin's rural communities. Our unique heritage, from the Thames River to the shores of Lake Erie, comes to life at The Bank. Blending interactive photographic and cooking experiences a visit to The Bank will delight your senses and enhance your understanding of rural culture.

Stirred? Come for the experience. Leave inspired.

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