Bayfield Historical Society


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The Bayfield Historical Society in the Village of Bayfield, Ontario, is dedicated to recording and preserving our rich historical legacy for future generations. The Historical Society discovers, collects, classifies, publishes and presents materials concerning the history of Bayfield and its people. 

March 2018

We are in need of funds for hiring a student this summer. This student position will  provide experience in museum work, supervised office management, meeting and interacting with public walk-ins, and the rich experience of being part of our active and vibrant beach side town with various local art and craft stores and restaurants. 

We need approximately $6,000 for a part-time student. 

Please donate.  Any amount helps and will be appreciated.



In order to promote the education of Bayfield area residents of all ages, the Society will discover, collect, classify and preserve any material concerning the history of the area and its people. To hold open meetings for the presentation of papers and discussions. To publish local historical material.


Genealogists have a number of resources from which to draw. We have original archive collections on site which can be viewed by special appointment by emailing in advance.

We are also offering to research your family tree using Canadian and International Federal Census records, Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses, extensive newspaper collections, Immigration, and Cemetery records. If you supply us with your grandparents' birth and death dates, as well as your parents, we will create a personalized family tree for you. We require a $50 fee in advance based on 2 hours of research.   Please contact us for more details.

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