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Emergency Response Fund


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Emergency Response Fund

 Emergency Response Fund – Caia District increasingly faces the impacts of climate change in the form of drought, flooding, and extreme weather such as typhoons. These events cause great hardship and food insecurity for vulnerable groups such as local farmers, women and children. We have prioritized the need to have a dedicated fund ready to provide support as soon as it is needed. Some repairs are needed to buildings after severe weather.

The Caia Connection will continue to support our work with the Kuwangisana Organization as it works in many rural impoverished areas including Kapasseni by raising emergency funds for basic necessities as food, water and water treatment, repairs to damaged buildings, medicine and seeds. Natural disasters are common in this rural area of Mozambique and funds are needed to bring food in when crops fail.

Update March 2024 - Perpetua reports severe drought has left the rural areas of Caia and Sena districts without food. They have run out of corn and need supplies very soon as many people are coming to Kuwangisana for emergency food. Donations are needed as quickly as possible to bring in food. Pregnant women, the elderly and children are the most vulnerable people they are helping.