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Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning


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Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning

The work of the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning (FILL) to resource intercultural ministry in Canada depends on donations. Support this ministry that has such an incredible impact on the changing contexts of churches in Canada.

In the words of Pope Francis, “We are not living an era of change but a change of era.” FILL is helping resource the church in Canada as it discerns the new tools, the new ways of being, and the new visions for ministry to live into this era. When you support FILL, you are supporting:

  • Unique and Transformative Learning: FILL offers training for intercultural ministry and racial justice including: the five-day Engage Difference! program offered across Canada; creative shorter workshops, webinars, and conversations; and the development of gifted designers and facilitators of intercultural ministry programs.
  • Experiences of Intercultural Community: FILL is a model of intercultural ministry as it gathers, networks, and supports people committed to Just Intercultural community and ministry. FILL provides opportunities and safe spaces for conversation, dialogue, and learning. As it does it engages the margins, provides alternative models of leadership, is rooted in the experiential and contextual.
  • Theology and Research: FILL is a Canadian centre for well-done theologies of intercultural ministry and racial justice. It provides connections to research and brings together people committed to describing the theologies required to live into a new era.
  • Collaboration across institutions: As a reference group of The Canadian Council of Churches FILL is ecumenical and brings together the gifts of many Canadian churches, theological colleges and learning centres while also challenging them to look at their diversity and ways of being through intercultural and racial justice lenses.