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​About Us

The Foundation is a national non-profit, registered charity, and the only neutral organization that is promoting and advancing Canada’s Animal-Assisted Services Sector. 

Why We Exist 

We are dedicated to end-users, the welfare of animals in service, and the recognition of service providers, while fostering public confidence. 

What We Do

We build bridges between communities, disciplines and relevant sectors to benefit people, pets in service and partners (animals in service). 

We Value

Accountability, candor, compassion, collaboration, ethics, impartiality, inclusion, integrity, professionalism and transparency


We promote the innovation, coordination, and integration of Animal-Assisted Services within Canada's health-care, social services, corrections services, justice, and voluntary sectors.

The Power of 3Ps

Animal-Assisted Services (AAS) are mutually beneficial relationships that improve quality of life. 

Impact! One Health for People, Pets, and Partners ​​ 

Health in this context includes the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of people of all ages and the welfare of pets and other animals in service.

Our objectives are to:

-Unite and engage communities, organizations, disciplines, and sectors to re-imagine AAS across Canada as one cohesive sector.

-Expand our One Health footprint globally.

-Inspire a consistent level of quality, safety, and satisfaction of those served.

-Ensure the welfare of pets and other animals in service. 

-Grow the One Health Fund (general fund) and the Major-General Lew MacKenzie Fund to support Canada's Veterans, First Responders & their Families

-Advance and sustain The Canadian AAS Research and Development Consortium

-Co-Create The Canadian AAS Virtual Centre of Excellence 

Primary Beneficiaries

Canadians with visible and invisible disabilities, life-altering injuries, and other daily living challenges, pets and other animals in service.  

Examples of how your donations help: 

  • Advance the emerging AAS Sector
  • Enable CFAS to support other charities
  • Advocate with and for vulnerable populations
  • Host and sponsor special events
  • Public speaking
  • Advance and sustain our charitable programs, projects, and activities

What People Are Saying

"Now that I have my service dog I can finally leave the house to run errands. I no longer feel shut in and alone. "

— Christina

"Since I have had a service dog that accompanies me everywhere I go I have been able to reduce my medication by more than half. "

— Daniel

"My daughter refused to talk to us and she kept getting into trouble. Caring for and interacting with horses is bringing her out of her shell and she is finally opening up and is less angry. "

— Thankful Mom!

"Looking for information about the human-animal bond and services for my child was like looking for a needle in a haystack. The CFAS were so helpful and they took time to listen, not just redirect. "

— Lynn

"My donations go further with the CFAS, because when I give they help many people no matter where those in need live, work, and play. Their direction makes donating easy and meaningful. "

— Mike

"CFAS helps front-line charities focus on service excellence rather than fundraising. "

— Joanne (volunteer)

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