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Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC)

Registered Name: Canadian Helen Keller Centre

Business No: 864239082RR0001

Canadian Helen Keller Centre provides affordable housing, training and intervenor services to persons who are deafblind.

Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC)


The Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC) provides affordable housing, training, and intervenor services to persons who are deafblind.




A society where all individuals who are deafblind live free from limitations.


To empower the deafblind community through consumer driven services and opportunities that maximize independence. 


We empower and lead through:

Advocacy – increasing awareness of deafblindness and promoting the need for services.

Respect – treating everyone the way we would want to be treated.

Collaboration – engaging stakeholders in the decision making and policy development process to ensure transparency and best practice.

Professionalism – providing and embracing the highest standards including following the IOO Code of Ethics.

Community – reducing isolation by fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Rotary Cheshire Apartments:

Rotary Cheshire Apartments (RCA) is a 16 unit accessible apartment building designed to meet the specific needs of persons who have a combination of hearing and vision loss.  All staff have the skills necessary to communicate with all the consumers of our programs. 

Intervenor Services at RCA:

Tenants of the apartment building have access to intervenor services 7 days a week.  The building is staffed 24-hours a day to provide information, maintain the safety and security of the building and to respond to emergencies. 

Outreach Intervenor Services:

Intervenor services are also provided 7-days a week through a Toronto-based outreach program to consumers who live in the community. 

Emergency Intervenor Services:

Available to consumers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day as needed. 

Community Service Coordinators: 

The Community Services Coordinators facilitate, at the request of consumers, access to community and government resources, programs and services, and assist with goal setting, individualized plans,  and housing. 

The Training Centre: 

CHKC operates the only residential  training centre for individuals who are deafblind in Canada. CHKC raises awareness and advocates with the deafblind community for increased services. All services at CHKC are free to Ontario residents and individualized to meet the needs of the learners who are deafblind. Courses are taught one-on-one, using the individual's preferred mode of communication. 


Services are offered to support seniors who have vision and hearing loss. CHKC also supports families, professionals and volunteers who assist these seniors living in their own homes or supportive living environments. There are many strategies available to assist seniors with low vision and   hearing loss in their daily lives; the key is in identifying seniors who need help and providing the support needed.

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