The Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia)


Business Number: 129029922RR0001

Our Mission

To assist persons with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and community participation.

About The Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia)

CPA(NS) is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides information, advocacy, service navigation, peer support and counselling. We assist individuals will all types of mobility disabilities, as they adjust to living independently in their community.

What People Are Saying

"One call to the CPA is all it took to have my situation positively resolved. The CPA recognizes abilities and qualities in their clients that many other organizations and employers often overlook..."

— Crystal, Read More

"They're always helping me out with whatever it is I need, from educating me on living with a spinal cord injury to giving me information about healthcare I didn't know anything about...even something as simple as a conversation. The staff at CPA go the extra mile to help their clients out."

— Jamey, Read More

"They helped me in so many ways. When I first moved out of my parent’s home I was unable to perform certain daily activities...I went to CPA and they taught me how to do all of this. Whenever something comes up, all I have to do is call CPA and they will do everything possible to help me."

— Sharon, Read More

"Since my injury, I have adapted quite well to my new life, overcoming barriers & obstacles I had once thought where impossible... I have CPA to thank for that. Sometimes, just having that outlet for someone to listen to you can be a powerful thing. "

— Rob, Read More

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