Community Knowledge Exchange


Business Number: 890787799RR0001

CKX is a social change agency that aspires to make shift happen in the pursuit of just futures — fundamental and healing change that challenges longstanding and entrenched paradigms.

We believe that social change happens when curious and bold people dare to imagine a shift from what is to what could be. We call these people shift disturbers.

We support and embolden shift disturbers through cohort-based experiences, fellowships and platforms for knowledge exchange.

Our approach brings together practices that are rooted in the principles of adult and popular education; enable and facilitate peer learning and knowledge exchange; and centre reflective practice — including embodiment, arts-based and land-based practices.

Our Origin Story

In 2013, the Community Knowledge Exchange was an idea on a whiteboard. Since thenthrough events, fellowships and curated experienceswe’ve created space for hundreds of shift disturbers to exchange and reflect, sparking fundamental shifts in how they pursue social change.

After operating as an initiative of Community Foundations of Canada for nearly four years, CKX and the Carold Institute, a charity with a 30-year legacy of championing adult education and democratic participation in Canada, recognized a unique opportunity to undergo fundamental shifts of our own.

The Carold Institute was guided by principles rooted in social movements, and was nimble and flexible as they leveraged their networks to spark change. In this spirit, as they approached the limits of their financial resources, the Carold Institute sought opportunities for collaboration rather than closure.

In 2017, we put all the pieces on the table. Financial assets. Organizational histories. Intellectual capital. Relationships. Big ideas. All of the little and not-so-little pieces that each each of us brought to our partnership.

The result: A new kind of social change agency. 

Because of our shared audacity to do things differently, today, a renewed Carold Institute is the conduit through which CKX a new kind of social change agency advances its pursuit.

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