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Canada's children's environmental education charity creates and supports outdoor education projects across Canada and around the world.

The Charitree Foundation


The ChariTree Foundation is Canada's national children's environmental education charity. 

These days many children have less time and fewer opportunities to connect with nature. This is a real loss because research shows that contact with nature makes kids feel better about themselves. 

Named in honour of the generosity of trees and all they quietly do for us, The ChariTree Foundation is a top grassroots children's environmental education and United Nations climate observer organization.

Based in Greater Vancouver, this national not-for-profit is dedicated to growing environmental education opportunities for children and youth.

ChariTree supports local, national and international children’s school and summer camp climate education programs. It’s about getting kids outside more. Let’s give them opportunities to survive and thrive while contributing positively to their ever-changing world.

Let’s give kids opportunities to fall in love with nature in order to protect it ~ because you protect what you love.

0% of your donation will go to fundraising and everyone who works at The ChariTree Foundation volunteers their time.

About The ChariTree Foundation

Kids are concerned about climate change and want to help. ChariTree:

 • creates and supports children’s outdoor education school and summer camp environmental programs across Canada and around the world. 

• pays for kids to attend schools, camps and other children's organizations that provide accessible, formal an informal environmental climate education opportunities so kids can have hope for their future and learn they can help the world.

• helps support schools and camps build outdoor classrooms to boost opportunities to get children and teens outdoors more to participate in outdoor learning and climate education activities.


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