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Fill a Backpack with Books

Registered Name: The Children's Bookbank and Literacy Foundation

Business No: 844532952RR0001

Fill a Backpack with Books

The Children’s Book Bank is dedicated to the principle that learning to read is the right of every child. Since 2008, the organization has supplied free, gently used books to children and their families who face numerous barriers to purchasing them.  

In 2018 The Children’s Book Bank gave away 127,000 books at our Regent Park storefront and to support literacy programs at community centres, schools, health clinics, literary organizations, and neighbourhood events throughout the city.  

Studies show that when children choose their own books and can take them home to keep, they are more likely to stay in school longer and have improved social, health, and economic outcomes.  

It costs the Book Bank about two dollars to put a book in the hands of a child. Why not celebrate Back to School this year by helping The Children’s Book Bank fill backpacks with amazing story books the kids can enjoy all year long?