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Our Mission

Embrace a Child, Brighten a Future

The Children’s Bridge Foundation is an Ottawa-based charity dedicated to supporting health and education programs for orphaned and abandoned children in the developing world. Started in 2003 by a group of adoptive parents, our charity is run by volunteers who have a passionate desire to help improve the lives children who have so little and deserve so much more.

Our mandate is to partner with efficient and accountable organizations in the developing world to assist them in offering orphaned and abandoned children healthcare and educational programs in the following areas:

* Providing medical support (including the treatment of HIV) and nutritional programs;

* Providing surgeries and rehabilitation programs for older orphaned children with special medical needs;

* Providing teachers to support education and learning.

The Children’s Bridge Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has no religious or political affiliation. We are an independent entity and are not part of or directly affiliated with any other organization. Over the years, we have helped support children in China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. This year we are focusing on projects in Asia and Africa.

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