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$1 Million COVID-19 Response Appeal

The coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis unlike any we have witnessed before. As governments act to minimize the loss of life, we are also beginning to realize the social and economic impact of this crisis, particularly on the most vulnerable members of our global community. As lockdowns and restrictions continue to be imposed, the hardest hit among us are the millions of daily-wage workers and micro entrepreneurs who have been left without income or a clear vision of their livelihoods.

In these stressful times, TCF Canada continues to find ways to minimize the impact felt by the communities that need us most. Therefore, starting on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, TCF Canada is launching a $1 Million COVID-19 Response Appeal.

Donations received during this crisis will provide essential relief to impacted TCF communities, frontline staff, and volunteers who urgently need our help.

Your contribution to the TCF Canada COVID-19 Response Appeal can:

- Provide medical relief and food supplies to TCF Canada schools and support staff as they continue to receive payment of salaries by TCF Canada

- Ensure TCF staff earn a living wage as they continue to educate and inspire hundreds of thousands of children while in lockdown

- Ensure continuity of learning for hundreds of thousands of children who are currently forced to stay away from school

- Ensure TCF schools are maintained so that our children can return to a clean and safe learning environment once the crisis is over

TCF Canada is committed to ensuring that the schools you have nurtured for 25 years are sustained through this unprecedented crisis. As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, please give your Sadqah and Zakat to help make this possible.

Please donate and join us, as we rekindle hope in these dark times.


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