The Colin B Glassco Charitable Foundation For Children


Business Number: 899290241RR0001

Our Mission

The Foundation was established in 1996 and seeks out children's issues in Canada and in Zambia, provides financial and organizational assistance, and visitsthe projects on an annual basis.

As The Foundation receives a special donation to cover all of the administrative expenses 100% of donations go directly to the children.

About Our Charity:

                                     OUR ZAMBIAN PROJECTS

Water Well project:

The foundation has drilled over 600 water wells greatly assisting in the control of the many water borne diseases.

Community School Project

The Foundation has built 6 schools consisting of a two classroom school house, a staff house,and toilet facilities and each school is equipped with solar lighting. Inevitably the enrollment increases and we have from time to time added additional classrooms and staff houses and have assisted with some of the school supplies needed.

Health Center Project

The Foundation has built 6 clinics and totally renovated an existing clinic. The result is a huge increase in demand fir the services provided and we have added staff houses, maternity wards, mothers shelters as needed. The clinics are supplied with medical equipment, solar lighting and in some cases  running water.

Income Generating Project

The Foundation established a goat pass on project empowering the women and providing the over 500 families that benefitted with a source of food and income.

The Pediatric Eye Surgery Project

The Foundation holds up to 30 eye clinics per year  for between 6-8 children helping with a whole range of issues. These include cataract surgery (blind from birth) and these operations allow the children to see for the first time.

The Chishawasha Orphanage Project

The Foundation totally supports the 75 orphans providing them with a safe loving home and an education in the school we built for them. The school also welcomes the 40 or so children in the surrounding villages who receive breakfast, lunch, an education, and all their clothing and medical needs as required.

                                          OUR CANADIAN PROJECTS

The Breakfast Program

We provide breakfast for the approximate 50 children in a small Dene community called Lutsel K'e on the eastern arm of great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. We work with a nutritionist to ensure that this most important meal provides the proper balance to their traditional diet.

The Canuck Place Project

Canuck Place is a wonderful facility that provides palliative care to children in the Vancouver area. The Foundation provides funding solely for recreational activities for the children to allow them to experience a fun filled thrilling experience.

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