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Dr. Marlene Bryenton - Joseph A. Ghiz Park Fund


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Dr. Marlene Bryenton - Joseph A. Ghiz Park Fund

This Designated Fund was created by Dr. Marlene Bryenton, past IODE member, in order to carry on the work initiated by the IODE Centennial Millennium Park. The park was renamed the Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Park and the income provides for the costs of flowers and general maintenance of the park.

The Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Park was in need of some tender loving care.  The park had grown weeds around the inscribed clay, and the corporate/endowment granite bricks.  Many Islanders had contributed to the cost of building the park in honour of former Premier, Joseph A Ghiz, so it was time to ensure it was restored to its original beauty.

The upgrades that were completed with the financial support provided by an endowment fund that was established at the Community Foundation of PEI.  Several years ago, a $25,000 endowment fund was set up at the Foundation and each year this fund generates revenue that can be utilized for ongoing maintenance in perpetuity.  This will ensure there are always resources available for future upgrades and maintenance.

This year, all of the bricks were painstakingly lifted, polymer sand was added and then the bricks were reinstalled.  The job would normally have taken a crew of two an entire week to complete, however the Island Grown Sod team were able to put a larger crew on the project and it was started May 21 and finished May 24th. 

“The results are quite amazing and it looks brand new”, said Dr. Marlene Bryenton (shown in the photo with members of the Island Grown Sod team).  Bryenton spearheaded the restoration project and was also instrumental in the establishment of the fund. “The park was dubbed when we started developing it in 1999, but it is now considered an upscale City of Charlottetown park”, she added.

This year’s project was substantial in scope, and thus it will take approximately three years of annual granting to pay for the brick restoration updates that were completed. 

Anyone who may be willing to contribute to these and future upgrades can make a donation through the Community Foundation of PEI by emailing or by calling 902-892-3440.  Charitable tax receipts will be provided to anyone who makes a donation.

This is just one of the many projects that have been done to enhance the park.  A wrought iron fence and receptacles were donated to the park in recent years as well.

The Joseph A. Ghiz Park It is now considered a City of Charlottetown upscale park with safe green space for children to play.  It is located at the eastern entrance of the City of Charlottetown and you can find additional information on the website at

The Community Foundation of PEI is the proud host of this endowment fund.  For more information, please contact us anytime at, via email at, or by phone at 902-892-3440.