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Our Mission

Our mission is to explore the art of live theatre performance through the creation of emotionally moving productions involving Canadian performing artists that meditate on the human condition.

As an extension of its mission, The Company Theatre is dedicated to strengthening the theatre community in Canada by providing an online platform—Intermission—where theatre creators can reflect, honestly and openly, on their struggles, ideas, and experiences as artists. 


Our company is performance-focused. Founded by actors Allan Hawco and Philip Riccio, we believe that theatre is an actors’ medium and that the optimal path to a meaningful experience for both audience and artist is to empower and challenge performers. Our philosophy puts performers at the centre of our work and has led us to creating a unique rehearsal and performance process. Our process works to eliminate the repetitive choreography of theatre and allow the story to be told fresh every night. It’s our core belief that this approach to theatre not only rewards artists but also has the greatest probability of providing audiences with an indelible experience.

We work with the highest calibre of performers to fully embrace these instincts on stage, allowing the story to unfold differently every time we tell it. By rejecting the standard process of repeating choreographed choices, we invite our audiences to bear witness to a living, breathing reflection of themselves – an honest and real portrayal of humans, by humans. In this way, our performers and audience members share a truly “live” experience – sometimes challenging, often hard-hitting, but always intriguing, and always enlightening.

With our dedication to excellence and our unique creation process, centering on performance, we attract and work with the very best actors Canada has to offer; including Paul Gross, Kim Coates, Eric Peterson, Nancy Beatty, Nicholas Campbell, Yanna McIntosh, and Jonathan Goad.

In the spring of 2016, we launched Intermission (, an online theatre magazine where Canadian theatre artists can share their voices and strengthen their connection with their audience. Intermission currently features articles, videos, podcasts, photography, and illustrations from over 150 Canadian theatre artists and is growing daily.

What People Are Saying

"To be in the company of The Company Theatre, is to be in good company indeed."

— Toronto Sun, Read More

"Not only have I enjoyed and/or been provoked by the plays you have put on but I have appreciated the personal aspect to your interactions with me as a supporter. Thank you!"

— Karen Cheah

"As a veteran actor, I found myself in very new and challenging territory, an experience at times frightening but inspiring, incredibly invigorating and renewing. It rekindled my love and enthusiasm for this art form and my pride in being an actor."

— Eric Peterson, Actor

"Intermission is helping readers understand theatre artists’ process, providing insight into what shows are about, and hopefully, connecting audiences with shows they want to see"

— Steve Fisher, Torontoist, Read More

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