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Angels Abide Lullaby Project

Registered Name: The ConneXion Inc.

Business No: 803288455RR0001

Angels Abide Lullaby Project

The Angels Abide Lullaby project is a philanthropic effort by Crystelle Wiebe, along with Mike Reimer, to bring support and awareness to refugees, specifically to Jamil Khalil and his family.

Jamil is a six year old Syrian boy who has cancer and desperately needs to come to Canada to receive necessary health care. As listeners are touched by both the music and Jamil's story, the hope is for financial donations to be made to support the cause. 

Angels Abide was released in the fall of 2021 and is available on digital platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music (search for "Angels Abide Crystelle") Yes, this is the official place to respond financially to the music! To get current updates on the Angels Abide lullaby project, visit the Crystelle Music Facebook page (Crystelle Music | Facebook). To read Jamil's full story, simply click on the "Campaigns" button on the top of this screen and select "Jamil's Journey".