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Interlake Refugee Support

Campaign Ended Oct. 31, 2019

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful to our communities for all the support for the Jarkas families that we have been able to sponsor in co-operation with the people of the Interlake and the Mennonite Central Committee. The love, friendship, care and monetary donations that you have provided have allowed us to bring 21 Syrian refugees to Arborg over the past three years. This fall of 2018, we are so excited to finally be able to reunite all the members of the two Jarkas families.

We are very happy and proud to say that after three years in Canada, the original Jarkas family are fully self sufficient with four out of eight of the family members working and contributing to the community. The first group of the second Jarkas family arrived in April and their parents and siblings were finally here in late September/early October. Currently, they are all busy learning English and adjusting to life in Canada.

This is an entirely private sponsorship with the government not contributing financially. We require funds to facilitate the cost of travel to Canada and living expenses for one year in Canada after their arrival while they adjust to life here and work towards independence.

With the many generous donations that we have received from all over the Interlake, we are well on our way to reaching our original goal of $95,000. However, funds to cover the cost of their airfare to Canada and language training were not in our original budget. At this time, we still need to raise another $42,500 to fulfill our obligations to these families.

Thank you for giving 21 refugees a hope and a future in Canada.

Interlake Refugee Support Network

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