Registered Name: THE CROSS CURRENT

Business Number: 860303395RR0001

Our Mission

The Cross Current (TCC) is a local missions ministry that equips the Church by example to normalize sharing the Gospel in all your personal and community relationships.


Will you "Help HEAR at Home" in gospel partnership with us?

After personally equipping the Church and engaging the culture face-to-face in Canada since 2007, we have encountered thousands of non-Christians who had never heard the gospel, and countless Christians who are not equipped to share it with them.

Canada needs Christ! Yet: " are they to hear without someone preaching?" (Romans 10:14).

Effective 2018, The Cross Current is transitioning from a 10-year volunteer model into commissioning full-time equipping evangelists. As such, "Help Hear at Home" is a commissioning campaign with The Cross Current to launch our first full-time equipping evangelist to help local leaders and their churches "go" share Christ together so that other can hear His Good News right here at home.

We know this is only possible in partnership with other like-minded Christians who pray, give, and go with us. So thank you in advance for faithfully doing so!

What People Are Saying

"There is no other ministry in Canada that I am aware of so effectively equipping local churches and ordinary believers in evangelism and apologetics."

— Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot, Founding Pastor of Westminster Chapel (FEB)

"The Cross Current's relaxed and robust leadership consulting and personal training helps us connect with people from all walks of life. "

— Andrew Hall, Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church

"The Cross Current combines a biblical and doctrinal knowledge with a passion for sharing Christ that is so unique and has been so helpful to me and my church."

— Jude St. John, Lead Pastor of West London Alliance Church

"TCC provides training in biblical apologetics consistent with our ministry and we look forward to partnering to effectively equip the Church in Canada. "

— Calvin Smith, Executive Director of Answers in Genesis Canada

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