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The Cure Starts Now - Canada

Registered Name: The Cure Starts Now Canada Ltd.

Business No: 734161086RR0001

The Cure starts now - Canada ...Grassroots effort to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer, launched by Liam Comboye's family.

The Cure Starts Now - Canada



The Cure Starts Now represents something truly different.  For us it’s not about fighting just one cancer, but the elimination of cancer as a whole.  We believe as the experts do; that in order to truly cure cancer you have to focus on those cancers that are immune to conventional treatments, those cancers for which there are no treatments, those cancers that affect children and those cancers that are the biggest bullies.  We call this the “homerun cure” and its invention isn’t new.  As a matter of fact, the “homerun cure” strategy dates back to the early 1900’s when we made bold advances in cancer research, leading to the invention of surgical efforts, radiation and finally chemotherapy.  But then we stopped, content to focus on treatments rather than cures, deciding to prioritize our resources on those cancers that affected the most people rather than those that we could learn the most from.  The Cure Starts Now is dedicated to the “homerun cure, fighting paediatric brain cancer!

Liam is our first born child. Kind, a heart of gold, always striving to help us out and others. Intelligent, he sang the ABC's at 18 months old and was able to match letters with names and pictures. He loved learning new things and interacting with all who loved him. Passionate, engineering with his building toys; any toy or activity involving water; singing and dancing to music at home or in the car. A proud big brother to Brody and Aurora. Liam we desperately miss hearing your laugh and feeling your love. Liam was diagnosed April 12, 2017, and gained his angel wings October 19, 2017, He fought bravely against DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) for 6 months. His family are continuing his fight against CANCER!




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