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Our Mission

Discovery School is a non-denominational Christian School, which specializes in meeting the needs of children with learning disabilities, through individualized programming. We monitor each student's progress daily, striving to ensure challenge and success, build self-confidence and help each student to recognize their own self-worth and full potential. We communicate clearly and honestly with parents and aim to help everyone connected to a child help them reach their objectives.

We offer practical help to parents with learning-disabled children who have been challenged by the pace and curriculum demands of the regular classroom.

The main focus of our program is to build academic skills in a positive, nurturing atmosphere. We set up an Individual Education Plan for each student, and allow each student to work at his or her own level and pace in their academic, adapted, or modified special education program. Although Science, Social Studies, P.E., Art, Computer Education, Business Education and Drama are important to our curriculum, we place considerable emphasis on the core skills of Math and English. Emphasis is also placed on developing self-esteem, organization skills, work habits and strategies training.


It is time for Discovery School to take a big step forward. Our vision is of a larger, more well equipped school that will be a resource for children, parents and teachers in Victoria and across Vancouver Island.

We want to triple our enrollment to 120 students a year, serve students up till the end of high school, and provide outreach services to parents and teachers across Vancouver Island. To do this, we need more space.

Our Discovery School community is very small, so we cannot fund such a large capital investment alone. To achieve our vision of growth, we need your help.

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