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Feeding Hungry Minds


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Feeding Hungry Minds

It is difficult to learn when the only thing on your mind is your hunger.

Established in 2003, Feeding Hungry Minds is an endowed fund that provides grants to schools and organizations who feed students in need of nutrition to improve their learning and chances of success.

Feeding Hungry Minds was inspired by David Dickinson’s experience as a chaplain in an inner city elementary school in Edmonton.  He could tell that many of the children needed more support by the clothing they were wearing--it did not change from day to day, no matter what the weather.  Arriving at the school early one morning, David saw children lining up in the cafeteria.  He learned that they were being fed breakfast at school because they had not yet eaten that day.  In conversation with staff, David also discovered that the children were more attentive, learned and behaved better after they had started their day with a nutritious meal. Wanting to assist in a meaningful way, David set up an endowed fund that provides money to help feed the children. Today, many schools benefit from the fund.

The Edmonton Community Foundation is the ideal place for Feeding Hungry Minds as the Foundation truly has its finger on the pulse of Edmonton’s community and is a great steward of endowments. The Foundation will exist well after David’s time has come and gone and will continue to provide grants to contribute to the learning success of children who need it most.