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Brooklyn Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund


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Brooklyn Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Brooklyn Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund

To honor Brooklyn’s spirit, her father, mother and sisters have initiated the Brooklyn Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund. Sadly, she passed away without warning and very suddenly from a spontaneous cerebellar hemorrhage at the age of 18 years. It has been such a tragedy to her family and friends.

Brooklyn had a very giving and humble heart. She volunteered at the church with the youth, initiated a “Puppy Therapy Program” with the help of CAAWLS at St. Albert Catholic High School to assist with mental health and was a strong supporter of Pro-Life by attending walks, meetings and fund raisers. She had plans to becoming an Archivist and spent time volunteering at the Musee Heritage in St. Albert. She loved the time spent learning the many aspects of Archiving.

She was not only an avid volunteer; she loved sports as well. She was never boastful about her abilities in soccer and archery. Brooklyn participated in soccer for many years, developed friendships and had many successes. Her family fondly remembers a game when her strong kick awarded her two goals on defense. She loved to attend pro soccer games with her family. She also started archery in high school and had great success in that sport even though it was new to her. She was a staunch Rider fan and inherited the love for the Montreal Canadiens!

Brooklyn had a deep appreciation for music, played musical instruments and also was passionate about literature and reading. She attended English IB throughout high school and loved the challenges. She also read from her varied library – from the classics to the newest John Green novel. She called herself a “book nerd” and was happy to indulge in reading a new book with a cup of tea.

Aside from all that made Brooklyn who she was, her spirit lives on. She was a special person in her quiet spirit and had many attributes. To all that truly knew her she was an old soul, learning knitting, crocheting, finger knitting and sewing from her grandmother and aunts. She loved baking with her sisters, cousins, friends and giving her friends cupcakes on their birthdays. Brooklyn had a special gift of making others feel special, those she loved she loved deeply.

She was always thankful for the time spent with her family, friends and time at church retreats.  Brooklyn was true to herself, selfless to her friends and family. She embodied her faith as she tried to live by helping others. She took the quiet moments to be kind and did it without recognition.  She took every challenge in life in stride. To quote from one of her favorite novels, The Book Thief,  “She was one of the few souls that made me wonder what it was to live.” 

She was and is special and will forever be deeply missed.