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EALT Agricultural Legacy Fund

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

Located adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River in NE Edmonton's Horse Hill Area, Lady Flower Gardens (LFG) has a 75-acre old growth forest within its 93 acres, a large insulated yurt used for community events, and a 5-acre community garden. As well, there are 143 acres of prime agricultural land south of the gardens.  LFG operates as a Land Foundation where member organizations and visiting groups negotiate land use agreements. Instead of providing grants and funds, LFG grants free access to agricultural products, land, and knowledge, for groups that work in the community with disadvantaged Edmontonians.

Unfortunately, residential developing is increasingly pressuring the agricultural and wildlands of Lady Flower Gardens and the ag lands south of it. A conservation easement with the Edmonton and Area Land Trust will protect the 236 acres of agricultural land and native forest, no matter who owns it in the future. This conservation easement will allow Lady Flower Gardens to become a catalyst for the development of a deeply rooted collaborative neighbourhood in which Edmontonians can learn to live sustainably with the land and each other.

Donations towards conserving the forest and particularly the ag-lands will be held in an endowment fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation. Every donation made will be matched up to $70,000. You can help protect this invaluable natural resource right within the City!

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