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Janson Towers Gift Fund

Over the past 7 years The Okanagan Sun and the Central Okanagan Foundation have been incredibly supportive to both myself and Carley. They have kept Janson’s name alive and continue to share his story with the Okanagan Sun players. I hope his words never come off the wall of the locker room. Thank you for all you have done, it will always be remembered and appreciated.

The time has now come for us to make some changes. After much thought and discussion we have decided to move the fund to the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). The Janson Towers Gift Fund will remain a permanent endowment fund and in accordance with the regulatory requirements that apply to ECF for such endowment gifts.

We have also partnered with a new charity – Sports Central.  Sport Central was formed in 1991 by a group of community-minded individuals who wanted to see children in need have access to necessary sport equipment and have the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice. The primary objective is to gather, recycle and redistribute equipment to those kids who cannot afford the opportunity to play. Since 1991, they have helped over 125,000 kids play their favorite sport thanks to donations of money, time and equipment. Every donated dollar that we raise turns into 6$ worth of equipment (retail value) for needy kids. As a single parent, I remember going to Sport Central when Janson was around 6 to get his first hockey equipment. He was one of those kids and it never stopped him from pursuing his dream!

Sport Central is the perfect fit and we are proud to form this small but meaningful partnership. We trust that you will support us in our fund raising efforts, as you have done in the past.

Janson, you are so missed but never forgotten.

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