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Nature Alberta Fund

Nature Alberta began in 1970 when the leaders of six local natural history clubs joined together to create a provincial federation of naturalists. Today, 50 years later, Nature Alberta helps to support more than 40 local nature clubs from across Alberta by providing a host of programming, organizational and operational support initiatives. We are a member-driven organization that offers an opportunity for individuals of all ages to participate in natural history through the study of plants and animals, using observational rather than experimental methods.

The Nature Alberta Endowment Fund helps to support the ongoing operational requirements, both now and over the coming years, to ensure that future generations of naturalists continue to have the opportunity to participate in a variety of nature-based activities. To be successful, Nature Alberta focuses its activities on four core areas:

  1. Encouraging Albertans to increase their knowledge and understanding of natural history and ecological processes;
  2. Promoting the exchange of data and information among citizens, nature clubs and other conservation organizations;
  3. Supporting existing nature clubs and promoting the formation of new natural history clubs throughout the province; and
  4. Providing a unified voice for naturalists on conservation issues.

Nature Alberta’s core group of programs further helps to support increasing awareness of nature and natural systems with youth and the opportunity to participate in activities that help to minimize impacts on and increase biodiversity in areas deemed to be significant both locally and internationally.

Alberta is fortunate to have a wide diversity of wildlife and wild spaces. Increasing our understanding of nature will lead to the increased enjoyment of it. Today, more than 40 natural history clubs are engaging Albertans across the province in the conservation and appreciation of our natural heritage. We truly are A Community Connected by a Love of Nature.