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Lynn Groves Hautmann Chrysalis Endowment Fund


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Lynn Groves Hautmann Chrysalis Endowment Fund

Helping people grow in safe, supportive communities open to all; working together to unlock talent, help all find their voice, and ensure all voices are heard; providing opportunities so we become our best self, and live with meaning, fulfillment and joy. . .

. . . This is the life work of Lynn Groves Hautmann.

Realizing this outcome in Edmonton, Calgary, and throughout Alberta, has been Lynn’s passion through 11 years as Chief Executive Officer of Chrysalis: An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities. Lynn’s efforts made change, growth and opportunity happen for others.  In her honour and as a perpetual legacy, we proudly introduce the Lynn Groves Hautmann Chrysalis Endowment Fund.

Lynn became Chrysalis’ CEO in 2006 excited to join an exceptional team doing highly meaningful work. The position seemed made for her. The organization was values-driven, focused and committed to the + 300 individuals with Developmental Disabilities that it served.

With Lynn, Chrysalis continued to evolve with distinction. At the heart of the organization is a person-centred approach based on the individuality of clients and respect for the person. The culture Chrysalis evokes in staff, management and volunteers is breathtaking. Diversity is evident in the range of nationalities of the Chrysalis family. Staff and management support each other and their clients. Working at Chrysalis is more than a job… it’s a ‘calling’ as staff consistently give time, talent and resources beyond working-hours, as volunteers, ambassadors, connectors and donors.

Chrysalis is innovative, pushing boundaries in support of its clients and social change. It operates two vibrant and competitive social enterprises manufacturing plastic and wood products. It also offers a range of community-  and facility-based programs.

The multi-media Creative Arts Program is close to Lynn’s heart.  Enhanced personal expression, emergent artistic talent, and sales and commissions leading to entrepreneurial success, are impact indicators for the Edmonton and Calgary programs. Client growth is striking.

Skills are further enhanced through programs including Life Skills, Toastmasters, Employment Services and Fostering Innovation – an initiative challenging traditional assumptions on the paid and volunteer roles Chrysalis clients might contribute in community.

In Lynn’s terms, “There is something very magical about Chrysalis.”

With the Lynn Groves Hautmann Chrysalis Endowment Fund the magic will continue. Through the fund, Chrysalis will have sustainable dollars to provide meaningful opportunities for growth and community inclusion through personalized programs, services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

Thank you for your interest in and generous support of Chrysalis. To find out how to get involved, tour our facilities, attend an information session or learn more, visit our website at, email us at or call Krishna Tailor, Manager, Corporate Communications and Fund Development 780.482.0348 email .