the equality effect

Registered Name: the equality effect

Business Number: 845378009RR0001

Our Mission

The equality effect uses human rights law to make the rights of girls & women real, so that they can be safe from sexual violence, get an education, and fulfill their economic potential.

About the equality effect

The equality effect works with teams of international lawyers, along with grassroots social service partners, to address gender inequality and achieve concrete change in the lives of girls. We believe that every girl deserves to be free from violence and discrimination, so that she can pursue an education, choose who and when she marries and follow her dreams. Many countries have laws on the books to protect girls and women from violence and discrimination. However, the fact is that these very laws are often not enforced. The equality effect supports its local legal partners by conducting research, collecting evidence, and developing concrete legal strategies to address the disadvantage experienced by girls/women, e.g.: law reform, public legal education, test case litigation. 

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