Essential Collective Theatre

Registered Name: The Essential Collective Theatre Company

Business Number: 844082321RR0001


  • Essential Collective Theatre (ECT) is a not-for-profit charitable organization producing contemporary Canadian theatre with a focus on new play development in the Niagara region.
  • We exist to serve Canadian playwrights and theatre artists by bringing Canada’s stories to Niagara audiences and presenting stories that hold a mirror up to the Niagara Region.

Values: To provoke conversations about Niagara’s past, present and future; experimentation, discovery and risk-taking in the creative process; diversity and inclusivity; intimate and compelling theatre experiences.

Vision: To produce contemporary Canadian theatre and to build a canon of Niagara plays.We are committed to including diverse, emerging, and new generation artists in ECT’s projects to promote a greater understanding of live theatre’s unique power of connection.We recognize the value of storytelling, and we seek out opportunities to tell uniquely Niagara stories.


Our 2018/2019 season includes two bold world premieres, created and performed by new generation artists with deep local roots. Recent ECT seasons have emphasized relevant new works rooted in Niagara heritage and culture. This season builds on this trajectory, with stories emphasizing young, diverse voices looking to the future. Our upcoming season will also include an exciting new partnership with Hamilton’s Theatre Aquarius, and a growing focus on physical creation and experimentation.

We have cast many diverse new generation artists, with the majority of roles for women, and with all performers meaningfully integrated into the creative process. Our 2018/2019 season is thus conceived as our “youthquake” year, ushering in an inclusive next wave of Niagara voices.

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