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Our Mission

To help low-income pet owners continue to enjoy the companionship of their pets as long as humanely possible by subsidizing the cost of non-elective (necessary) veterinary medical care for those pets.


The Farley Foundation subsidizes necessary veterinary care for the pets belonging to low income seniors, seniors' care facilities, persons with disabilities, Ontario Works recipients & abused women (OVMA SafePet Program).

Eligibility criteria includes: Seniors receiving GIS, persons with disabilities receiving the ODSP or CPP Disability, Ontario Works recipients, pets belonging to seniors' care facilities, persons in receipt of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and women at risk of abuse*. Applications for funding are made by veterinary clinics on behalf of eligible pet owners.

The Farley Foundation was generously founded, and is currently administered by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, which covers most of the Foundation's overhead costs (staffing, office space, etc.).

The Farley Foundation name pays tribute to one of Canada's most famous pets, Farley the Old English sheep dog from Lynn Johnston's internationally syndicated comic strip, For Better or For Worse®. In the comic strip, the beloved Farley character died after saving a family member who had fallen into a ravine. Lynn generously allows the Foundation to use Farley's image to promote the Foundation's good work.

*Visit for full eligibility criteria.

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