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The Friends of Chippewa Park are a not for profit organization dedicated to maintaining and bettering Chippewa Park. Currently, The Friends have embarked on a major project to restore the Chippewa Park Carousel. The Carousel was built by C.W. Parker in 1915 and it is one of only 3 of its kind left in the world. The carousel came to Thunder Bay in 1934 and was purchased by the City of Fort William from Mrs. Maude King's travelling carnival. Since then, the merry-go-round has operated at Chippewa Park and delighted children and their families for decades. The restoration of the carousel is very costly; it is estimated that the project will cost approximately $900,000. Any and all donations towards the project are greatly appreciated. More information about the project can be found on the Save Our Carousel Website. It is recommended that any adoptions or general donations be made through the website while long-term giving can be processed through here, on Canada Helps. Thank you very much for your interest in The Friends of Chippewa Park and for participating in this project. Please email for more details. 

What People Are Saying

"Adopting any Horse--when the animals are finished with new paint and all their jewels--will be a significant and sparkling way to give back to the community."

— Lisa Parr - Parker Restoration Expert

"It's rare ( 1 of 3 left or made? ) and awesome, we are lucky to have this cherished Community Carousel. Fondest memories."

— Joy Seargeant, Read More

"It has been part of the city since I can remember and it should be preserved for future generations that would like to see one in the real world has better eye appeal than digital !"

— Norman Trevisanutto, Read More

"This is a wonderful project to carry on the C.W. Parker legacy."

— Michael Hook, Read More

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