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Gymnase 45


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Gymnase 45

"A sound mind in a healthy body." Nothing embodies this maxim better than the importance of sports in the development of our children, where effort is combined with joy, camaraderie, and respect.


In line with the directive from the Quebec Ministry of Education aimed at promoting the development of sports facilities within schools, the Rudolf Steiner School of Montreal is embarking on a major renovation project during the summer of 2024. This involves transforming our Grand Hall into a modern gymnasium. This initiative also marks the celebration of the 45th anniversary of our school.


The project aims to provide students with facilities suitable for a variety of indoor sports. Additionally, it will expand the possibility of renting the school's premises to different sports associations in the evenings and on weekends, thereby enhancing the visibility of our institution and the profitability of our facilities.


Planned work for the summer of 2024 includes refurbishing the floor, updating and securing electrical installations, soundproofing the hall, creating storage space for equipment, marking floor lines, and installing basketball hoops and supports for volleyball and badminton.


This large-scale project requires an estimated budget of $230,000. The Ministry of Education has committed to contributing up to $115,000. To minimize the impact on the school's own funds, we are launching a fundraising campaign to finance the remaining half of the budget.


The fundraising campaign will begin in February 2024 and will culminate with an inauguration ceremony in September 2024.


We invite you to get involved in this initiative:

  1. Spread the word about our project. Word of mouth remains an effective tool.
  2. Share this information on your social networks.
  3. Participate in our fundraising events.
  4. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to our events.
  5. Make a donation to support our cause.


Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the transformation of an old library into a dedicated sports facility! Our gymnasium will become an asset not only for our school but also for our neighborhood and community. It will offer opportunities for sports practice and multifunctional activities in Notre-Dame de Grâce. Imagine your child or neighbor passionate about basketball being able to thrive in a gymnasium just steps away. This space will also be available for rent in the evenings and on weekends, providing an ideal space for various activities, whether it's a salsa dancing session with friends or celebrating a wedding anniversary.


Check out our event calendar for the fundraising campaign:


  • Thursday, February 22 at 5 p.m.: Launch of the fundraising campaign
    • Cocktail reception
    • Project presentation by architect Ms. Karine DALLAIRE
    • Campaign presentation by Valentine STASSE


  • Saturday, March 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Sports Day
    • Admission: $10/person
    • Discovery of various sports led by NDG associations


  • September: Gymnasium Inauguration

    Your involvement is crucial for the success of this project! Share your enthusiasm, and together, let's build a sporty and dynamic future for our children and our community!